Penn State Releases "Quick Sheet" Recommendations on Tough Invasive Treatment

The Weed Ecology Lab of Penn State has its Wildland Weed Program. Art Grover, from that program, recently spoke at the Winter Allegheny SAF meeting in Williamsport, PA. His program recently launched a website to promote their recommendations on controlling certain invasives – especially those tough to control.

Overall, the two-page "Invasive Species Quick Sheets" are well-written and focus on the life history of the individual plant to find the species' Achilles heel. Management recommendations use Integrated Pest Management Principles, and if chemical treatment is recommended, said recommendations are very specific and useful. This is a website worth visiting and reading.  The PDF files listed in the site focus on control recommendations.  Other fact sheets focused on identification and natural history can be found by clicking on links within those PDF files.

For more information, click here.

(This article was originally written for the Spring 2014 issue of The Cruiser.)


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