Farmland Assessment Forms Amended: Add'l Info Needed

farm tax formsStarting with this filing season, some important changes have arrived on some of your farm tax forms.  The Woodland Data Form (WD-1) is the form on which we report your agricultural and stewardship activities.  Starting this year, we must report the last time that we were on-site and could verify that the activities reported on your Farmland Assessment forms actually occured.

We believe that this information will be used to prioritize Farmland Assessment compliance inspections by the DEP State Forestry Service and, possibly, by municipal tax assessors.  We believe that reporting a last inspection date of more than two years from the date we certify the current form could serve as something of an "audit flag," and may place your property on a more expedited compliance inspection schedule.

This is why we have been working with clients this winter to minimize the number of properties that we have not been present on in more than two years.  Please understand that it is important that we verify that reported activities have actually occured at least every two years.


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Practicing sustainable forestry  works to:

  • Protect water quality
  • Increase water yield
  • Promote forest health
  • Restore damaged forest ecosystems
  • Promote wildlife through the creation of habitat
  • Yield renewable forest products