GIS Services

Digital Mapping

GIS ServicesAll clients who are covered under a Forest Management Plan receive a detailed map of their property overlain on recent aerial photography.  These maps are generated through plotting the most recent survey or legal description of the property.  The underlying image is digitally-corrected georeferenced aerial photography that is freely available through the NJ Department of Environmental Protection.  Gracie & Harrigan digital maps that are created using this method are usually accurate to within 3 feet.

This digital mapping is also available to other private or public landowners who want a detailed and accurate image of their property.  Such mapping can be used to properly discern boundary lines and locate property corners.  This digital mapping is also available to the regulatory community.


Threatened and Endangered Species Data Searches

Gracie & Harrigan is able to provide a report regarding threatened and endangered species using the most recently available information provided by the Landscape Project and the Natural Heritage Database. A sample of this information can be provided.  This information is provided to the NJ Forest Service where required as part of a Forest Management Plan.

GIS ServicesWhen a forester or other land steward provides a list of block and lot numbers to Gracie & Harrigan, we will use the most recently digitized tax maps in the area of the property and compare them with the freely available data from the Landscape Project and the Natural Heritage Database in order to provide both a list of potential protected species and quality control data should DEP care to double-check the results that we have provided.

Pricing information as well as terms and conditions can be found on our order form. We currently predict that we will be able to return requested information to you within 7 days of your order.

We are also able to provide more specialized services, such as detailing areas on larger properties where certain species may or may not exist, and using surveys, deeds, or forester-provided GIS shapefiles to provide more accurate information. We would be happy to discuss your possibilities and pricing.

Click here for the threatened and endangered species search form.


2007 Aerial Photography

Many foresters who use GIS software have noticed that DEP’s 2007 aerial photography series is not compatible with ArcView version 3.3 and other digital mapping programs. Gracie & Harrigan has the ability to convert those image files provided by DEP to JPG files that are usable in ArcView 3.3 and most other software.

If you are in this situation, please refer to our order form for pricing.

If you provide a list of tile numbers that you need, we will mail you CD’s with the requested image files.  Please view our order form to ensure that our images are compatible with your software.

Click here for the 2007 digital imagery order form.


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